Dentist Insurance

Vista provides a comprehensive approach to the risk and exposures that dental practices face by offering One-Stop Shopping for all your insurance needs

Professional Office Package

Designed expressly for your professional requirements, this coverage is intended to protect your property and that of your clients, your records and resource materials, and your information technology systems (including data loss and equipment failure). Limits are available to satisfy virtually any requirement.

Professional Liability

Based on your needs, you can be protected against liability incurred by your business partner(s) or under locum tenens, regulatory investigations, allegations of abuse or molestation, legal defense expenses and, where insurable, punitive damages. You can also be covered by a favorable consent clause and extended reporting periods for death, disability, or retirement.

You are insured for losses reported during the policy period, regardless of when the incident occurred, with full coverage for prior acts and with credit for new practitioners and new entities. Vista has in-house underwriting and rating authority for limits up to $5 million per claim and annual aggregate. We can also arrange excess liability coverage to protect you in special circumstances where $5 million would not be sufficient.

Our rates will compete successfully with any major underwriter with whom you have placed your professional liability in the past.

Workers' Compensation

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Our Group Workers' Compensation Program is provided by leading workers' compensation underwriters. and includes potential cash dividends to our policyholders.*

We offer paperless claims processing through an 800 number, and we carefully monitor your claims to their conclusion. Our objective is for each claimant to receive the best medical care and return to work as soon as possible.

Medical case management, utilization review, and cost containment procedures are closely followed to preserve the good experience of this group program.

Employment Practices Liability

This coverage is offered at attractive group rates with limits of $5 million to protect you from risks associated with hiring, managing, or terminating employees, including allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Family Medical Leave Act. This coverage also includes third-party liability.

Employee Benefits

Medical: We offer a choice of quality medical insurance programs, including PPOs (preferred provider organizations), HMOs (health maintenance organizations), and POS (point of service) plans. PPOs and HMOs cover pre-existing conditions where there is certification of prior coverage. These programs can be tailored for groups of two or more individuals.

Dental: You can choose from various dental plan options that qualify as preferred providers or dental maintenance organizations. These plans pay a fixed dollar allowance for covered services.

Long-Term Care: Group long-term care coverage may be purchased as a tax-qualified policy with a 15% group discount and a 50% second insured discount.

Life and Disability Income

Vista can obtain coverage to protect you and your business from the financial repercussions of the death or disability of a partner or another key person in your company. You can also be provided with disability income insurance to meet your business overhead expenses while you recover from an illness or injury. We can help you structure trusts, wills, estate planning or liquidity, second-to-die coverage, and other programs that are customized for your practice or your personal estate.

Retirement Plans

We can assist you in developing qualified retirement plans, including fund investment management, through a number of broker-dealers of mutual funds. These programs can be modeled as SEPs and Group IRAs, Money Purchase Pension Plans, ESOPs, or 401(k) plans. Your retirement program will include all necessary IRS filings and reports as well as enrollment and participant status reports.

Personal Insurance

Vista also offers insurance for homeowners; rental property; automobiles, boats, and recreational vehicles; life, disability income, and long-term care; and personal umbrella coverage. As you structure your personal risk management plan, you will receive the same proactive service and attention from our staff that you enjoy as a Vista business client.

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